The Team


Age: 10 years old

Breed: Kaimanawa (came in from the 2010 muster)

Height: 14.1hh

Spirit's Story: I bought Spirit off a local girl Daisy when I realised the business was getting busy. He has done quite a bit of showing and jumping in his past. He is a lovely quiet, gentle boy who has fitted in instantly with our family.


Age: 8 years old

Breed: Kaimanawa (came in from the 2012 muster as a bubba)

Height: 13.3hh

Oscar's Story: Oscar is such a lovely, gentle and kind pony. He is so quiet that anyone can ride him and handle him. He is VERY confident and is a champ at going around our obstacle course. He likes the obstacles because he knows when he stands on one or plays with it, he gets to have a rest, which he loves! He is on loan to us from a very generous friend!


Age: 3 (born in 2016)

Breed: Poll Dorset x Romney

Bonnie's Story: Bonnie was an orphan lamb, who was pretty much friendly from the day she came home! Early on I discovered that she loved sheep pellets and this certainly helped to keep her tame. She is a VERY big sheep and looks even bigger when she has her full fleece of wool on. She is a confident sheep, who likes scratches, barging and her friend, Girlfriend.


Age: less than 1

Breed: composite

Woolly's Story: Woolly was a mis-mothered lamb from 2018's lambing. He grew up in the chicken paddock so still kind of thinks he is a chicken. When he was smaller he slept in their nesting boxes! He now lives with Bonnie.


Age: 20

Breed: Crossbred riding pony

Height: 12.1hh (approx)

Harry's Story: Harry is actually owned by my friend Andrea and we are allowed to use him when ever we wish. Out of all the horses and ponies he has the sweetest nature and is very trustworthy. He is honest and loves kids and is perfect for doing pony rides on at events/fairs/galas etc.


Age: Less than a year (Born 17 November 2018)

Breed: Kune Kune Pig

Whisky's Story: I saw 2 kune pigs for rehoming online, sadly we missed out on them, but really wanted a kune. I looked on trademe and saw a whole lot for sale! We got Whisky from a road called Whisky Way out the back of Palmerston North. She was just 9 weeks old when we got her and the runt of the litter. At the moment we are taming her, she loves her tummy being scratched. We have a harness which we want to train her to go in!


Age: 4 (born in 2015)

Breed: Huntaway

Bree's Story: I got Bree from some good friends and mostly trained her up myself. Elliot's dad is a Shepherd, so he finished the training and used to use her as his mainstay huntaway working dog. Unfortunately she shattered her front leg and had to have surgery, so cannot work full time. A local man comes and uses her every now and then though and she is still sharp as ever. She is very friendly and the most amazing dog you have ever seen with kids.


Age: 11 years

Breed: Warmblood Pinto X Thoroughbred

Height: 15.2hh

Jewel's Story: I got Jewel from a friend when she was a wild 18 month old filly. She has taught me more than any other horse. I will have Jewel forever, as I think she will be able to teach me for the rest of her life!


Age: 18

Breed: Miniature Pony

Height: 38 inches

Nicky's Story: I got Nicky from a friend in Taranaki. Previously she had been owned by two boys and she supported them with their development, as she is such a great pet. She can be a bit cheeky, but is safe for kids to handle and play with on the ground.


Age: 12

Breed: Pinto Miniature Pony

Height: 36 inches

Piper's Story: Piper is the perfect pony for little kids to ride and even for older children to do the obstacle course with. She is a very clever girl, can pull a cart and learns new tricks very quickly. She is very gentle and sweet natured.


Age: 4

Breed: Kaimanawa

Height: 15.1hh

Avan's Story: He was a wild horse on the Kaimanawa Ranges, but was mustered as a 2 year old. I bought him off a lady who had done some initial handling. I have since started him under saddle, but he is not yet quiet enough for others to ride. He LOVES people though and is a real gentleman on the ground.


Age: 5

Breed: Domestic house cat

Brozie's Story: I got Brozie off TradeMe of all places when she was 2 years old. The people who had her thought she was a boy at the start, hence the name... They needed to find a new home for her because the other cats at their place kept beating her up! She is a very cool cat and easy to have around.


Age: 2 - 4

Breed: Red Shaver and who knows what!

Their Story: I got the shavers from Kairanga Poultry Farm. Like the rest of the animals, they are very quiet! We have just got 2 new baby chickens, not sure if they are male or female yet. They came from a person I know in Mangaweka! They make the cutest chirping noises.


Age: 12

Height: 13hh

Breed: Welsh, riding pony cross bred

His Story: Gordie is an absolute honey and great for people to learn to ride on. He actually belongs to a young friend of mine, she had a scare riding so is still getting her confidence back. When she does he will return to her, he will be very much missed!

Goats - Freddie and Romeo

Age: 2 years (DOB 2017)

Breed: Saneen

Their Story: I got the boys through a friend. They are neutered males. If they were females they would have remained in their herd as milking nannies. The boys though are the PERFECT pets, so sweet and friendly, love to nibble peoples' ears :P They look almost alike, except Romeo has a beard.


Age: 7

Breed: Timor

Height: Approx 11hh

Her Story: I got her from a family in Marton. She is the pony for Elliot to replace Harry as he already has a home! She is very quiet and children can ride her by themselves. She always looks a bit grumpy, she has had quite a few homes in her young life, so hopefully when she realises she is here to stay she will lighten up!

Past Members of the Team


Age: unknown

Breed: unknown

Girlfriend's Story: When I purchased this property, Girlfriend came with the deal. She is a bit of a stand offish girl, but does like to interact with humans. Before moving here she had no other animal company, so loves Bonnie the sheep. Girlfriend sadly passed of old age at the end of the 2019 summer. She is buried on our property, in a place where she spent much of her time in her last few days.


Age: 7

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 15.2hh

Elle's Story: I rescued Elle last year. She is a very sweet horse who is perfect for leading kids around on and teaching them the basics of riding on their own. She used to be a race horse, but was way too slow! Elle is now being used as a riding horse at a riding school in Whanganui, her name now is her race one - Chilli Milli.